Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Diana Dart

Don't you love bios? A chance to introduce yourself, smile politely and explain what you're about. A chance to reinvent yourself... no, wait - that's not it at all. Get with it, already.

Diana Dart is a work in progress. When she's not wading through the chaos that is life at home with three beautiful kids and a charming husband (plus two slightly stinky guinea pigs and a fish that floats upside down), she's running the finances and marketing at her family business and working part time as a freelance writer. Somewhere in there she hangs out with friends, reads whenever possible and enjoys frequent bouts of strong, black coffee. A child of God for a few decades now, Diana is grateful for the love of Christ, the Scriptures and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

She's also grateful for wide open spaces, recorded history, kilts and chocolate... although not necessarily in that order.

Look for a bunch of her short fiction at Faithwriters and come for coffee and chocolate at her new blog, Thistle and That...

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