Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Joanne Sher

I was raised in Southern California but am now living in West Michigan with my wonderful husband Marc, and our two kids - Andrew just became a teenager, and my daughter is in double digits. I was raised in the Jewish faith, but have since become a follower of Christ.

I've been told by many that I'm a natural encourager. For you FaithWriters' folks, I'm the originator of the whole jewels/jewelers deal. It has been a complete and total blessing, and I'm absolutely thrilled that my dear partner in...um....confusion(?) Patty Wysong has helped us take it to this brand new level.

I love to write and have had assorted stories published in a handful of magazines and a few Christian writing anthologies. My current writing focus is children's books - picture books, more specifically. I'm still in the learning stage, but enjoying it immensely.

My other writing projects include this blog the Midwestern group blog The Barn Door, a monthly post at Internet Cafe' Devotions  and, occasionally,  the Faithwriters' Writing Challenge. I am also doing some editing on the side, which I truly enjoy (and have been told I am quite good at). My other passion is God's Word, which I find can meet my every need, if I'll just do more than read it. ;) God has sustained me and my family through so much, and it is my ministry (among others) to share that sustenance, and God's work, with all who will listen.

I'm also on Twitter and Facebook. Hook with me there too!
Looking forward to getting to know ALL of you :)


  1. Hi Jo! I already knew all of this, but it was fun to read about one of my bff's. :)

  2. Hi Joanne!

    It was fun playing "Things" with you! Sorry I didn't get more of a chance to say "hello" and get to know you...the other's were right when they said you are a "hard one to keep still!" LOL!!

    Enjoyed learning about you and the others here on your "Jewels" blog!




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