Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet LauraLee Shaw

Daughter of the Almighty, wife of 20 years, Mama bear and taxi driver to 3 stinkers, mentor, sister, friend, writer, and speaker. I long to be authentic and share the Word of Truth in person and online.

I've been writing, leading worship, performing, directing and acting in front of audiences since childhood.  Recently, God has called me to use the gifts He's given me to speak to Christian women.  I like to mix my life experiences--the big, the small, the great and the ugly--along with a bit of dramatic humor, in order to show how the Lord has been up close and personal in my life each step of the way.

Whether it's diapering babies, taxying teens, being a church volunteer, trying to make sense of the marriage thing, or overcoming strongholds and struggles (past or present), I hope to communicate God's largeness through it all.

Email lauraleeshaw.com@gmail.com if you'd like more info on speaking for your moms' or women's group.

My testimony can be found here:
A Patch From My Past.

Personal Interests:  reading and writing; meeting my friends for coffee; doing group aerobic classes; playing board games (especially Scrabble) with my family;  listening and singing along to worship music; encouraging people online; solving crossword puzzles.

You can contact me at:


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