Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream Giver

What do you do when memories affect your dreams, and dreams have an effect on your dream? Have any of you experienced this?

Let me explain…

I have a friend (don’t you love those I have a friend scenarios?) who recently moved back to her home town after a quarter of a century. (Any resemblance of this friend being an author on this blog forum is simply coincidental.)  Being “home” has been exciting…to my friend…as she re-lives memories of her childhood favorite swimming hole, places she rode her bike, and seeing the changes in scenery in the name of progress. All this has been fine and dandy until a few of the suppressed, not-so-fond memories began to affect her dreams.

Suddenly, my friend’s dreams in the night of days gone by remind her of who she was and where she came from: the bottom of the dog pile who felt like a dog’s pile at times.

My friend’s conundrum (oh wait…this may be the wrong blog for this) seems to be chipping away at her sub-conscious mind and leaving her sleepless in Seattle. So much so that last night she tossed and turned, upsetting the balance of life in her household. Her poor husband.

A quarter of a century is a long time. My friend is getting old. (Sorry, Friend, but the truth hurts sometimes.) One tends to hope that in the span of a couple dozen years you might have something to show for it all…such as fame, fortune, and fulfilled dreams. I get the feeling now that home feels more like a reminder of failures for my poor, old, friend.

I try so hard to not come at her with clich├ęs such as:
  • You are a daughter of the King, hold your head up high.
  • Quote Jeremiah 29:11 until you’re blue in the face, girl!
  • Don't let Satan remind you of your past, remind him of his future.

But then a snippet from Psalm 37 popped into my mind: The steps of a good (wo)man are ordered by the LORD and He delights in (her) way.  

And shut the front door, if I didn’t read the whole 37th chapter and weep softly in the wee morning hours…on behalf of my friend, that is. All of a sudden she was reminded that she truly is a daughter of the King, and He does have a plan and a purpose for her, and shock of all shocks, she outright told Satan where to go.

I’m thinking, even though my friend’s path seems to have taken the low road when she really wanted to take the high road…she’ll still get to Scotland…figuratively speaking… with her dream intact.

So, my fellow bloggy comrades, don’t let your past memories affect your dreams in the night. Don’t let those dreams at night have an effect on your dream because the King is delighted with you and He is, after all, the Dream Giver.
A (wo)man’s steps are of the LORD; How then can a (wo)man understand (her) own way?                                                                                                             ~Proverbs 20:24 


  1. So very true! I don't need a trip into my past to know that the dreams of a twenty-something never materialized, but God had a better plan.

    It's now the future that I wonder about!

  2. Mari, you have a way of making me laugh and cry at the same time. ((Hugs))

  3. As someone who came home after many years of absence and discovered that things weren't quite the way I dreamed them to be, I can relate. Thank you.

  4. Well, shut the front door, Mari... Fred and I say that (Castle). And your, ah hem, "friend", sure is blessed to have you for a "friend"!! What a beautiful and humorous way to present such a sensitive subject, (I've been there!) and it sends such a positive message. I feel empowered!!

  5. Beautifully put! Many of us have places or people that bring it all back - and we need to be reminded to keep our eyes on the Dream Giver - not those past "nightmares" HE is able!

  6. Love it! And it's perfect for me - I'll be going to my 30 year class reunion next month. Back to the place and people who knew a completely different person (it seems like to me anyway.)

  7. Thanks everyone. I'll tell my friend that her story was a great encouragement. She will be happy to hear that. She finds great joy in making people laugh, and cry, for the purpose of healing.

    Mari ♥

  8. Tell your friend, Mari, I like her message AND her writing style!

  9. Yes, you, umm your friend, is a great encouragement!! Love the way you weave a story! ANd, God has not finished weaving your friends story. We are all a work in progress! Love you!!

    Thanks for the great insight--I can sure use the encouragement.

  10. Yes, you can make us laugh and cry. Wonderful, thought provoking blog. I've made a deal with God that if I was very, very good, I would never have to go back to Kansas. So far it's working. (Well, I don't know about the very very good part.)

  11. Joy, the very very good part...liberating, grace, mercy...keep it real, but keep it in Him. Right?

  12. Going back can be hard - have SO been there. LOVE this post. Almost as much as I love the writer ;)

  13. Although I have NO idea who this friend might be, your message on her behalf contains a path to great comfort and encouragement.

  14. I love the Dream Giver and I'm so glad 'Your Friend' listened to Him when other friends were unavailable:)

    It seems we're hitting the age where we're looking back on life and wondering what happened to our dreams. Kind of depressing for sure except all of us are in it together:) That makes it a tad bit easier:) lol.

    Love you soooo very much and I am sooooo glad I have such awesome friends to walk this new phase of life with - middle age. ugh. There - I said it. Middle age. :)

  15. Well, that's the nail in the coffin for me going back to that high school reunion!

    Great message--it's so easy to forget.

  16. I'm daily amazed at every (unforeseen) blessing in my life. The path He nudged me through led to a place I could never have earned or imagined.

  17. Darling Mari, if this isn't a heart breaking and heart lifting message all in one giggly package, I don't what is. Love your friend, love you for writing about her so boldly and love the King for His delight, the dreams He bestows and yes, even those sleepless nights when paths are illuminated.

    Way to tell the other guy where to go, btw ;) And cheers for mentioning Scotland... a place where dreams truly dwell in the misty hills. Sigh.



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