Monday, June 20, 2011

No Retiring in T-Ball

When our son Jeremy was about seven years old, he joined a t-ball team for the first time. He donned his blue Yankees jersey and hat with pride. We went to all of his games, cheering him on with each new skill he learned. He even turned out to be a switch hitter—a huge shock for his rather nonathletic parents!

Everything was going fine until the second half of the season. I was standing behind the dugout, waiting for the inning change, when Jeremy ambled over to me and hit me with a fast ball of his own.

“Mom, I think I’m gonna retire.”


“Yeah, I think I’ll retire.” Where a seven-year-old got such nonchalance was beyond me. What, did he think? He was just going to walk off the diamond and start endorsing cereal and sneakers?

Visions of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own shouting “There’s no crying in baseball!” danced in my head. There weren’t any sobbing women here, but the sentiment fit, nonetheless.

“You can’t! There’s no retiring in t-ball!” I blurted.

I must have donned that ‘don’t mess with Mama’ look, because somehow, he ended up back on the field. I still don’t know whether his sudden desire to drop out was related to boredom, fatigue, or something else entirely, but it didn’t win out that day.

I guess I know how he felt. More days than not, I wake up in the morning with less than a full night’s sleep, a house that looks like it has been in a war zone, and a to-do list that reaches around the block—twice. Those are the days I want to say, “God, I’m done. There’s too much! I’m going back to bed!” 

God doesn’t raise quitters.

We are never given a guarantee that we will enjoy what we are doing, or even feel we are suited to do whatever it is we are called to do. There will be days when we want to tell God, “I’m gonna retire!” It is then we need to remember the big picture. What we are guaranteed is God’s willingness to equip us for that to which He has called us. He gives us everything we need to finish the game.

In Acts 20:24, Luke wrote, “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

PhotobucketWe can’t retire now. There’s still time left on the clock. Let’s play ball!

*Scripture from the New Living Translation


  1. Whoa, do I hear you on this one!! Though I've retired from facebook, the Lord has plenty for me to do, and I just want to go back to bed... (whine, whine) Then He says what you said to your "child"...there's no retirement until the games over... :)
    Thank you for the reinforcement and encouragement!!

  2. What?! I can't retire? *smile*

    I remember a couple times when I was in labor with my babies, I was totally exhausted and said, "Can't we just take a break and continue tomorrow?"

    Yes, there are many times when I feel overwhelmed and want to retire. I'm so glad that God does give us breaks some times - times of great joy and blessings.

    "He knoweth our frame that we are but dust."

  3. Sigh, I'm totally with you on this one! So glad that He equips us and helps us get into the game when we need to. Great post - thanks!

  4. How many times have I threatened to "retire?" It's true–the retirement benefits kick in in heaven and not before.

    Great post (and needed today 'cause that "I quit" still lurks in the background).

  5. I AM retired ;-)and I still get overwhelmed sometimes. I still am not retired though from being wife and Mom and grandmother and writer. I enjoyed your Jeremy story and took to heart your reminders.

  6. "God doesn't raise quitters." This would make a GREAT bumper sticker:) Sometimes it feels like I'm semi-retired because I'm not giving my best each day. Guess I need to step up to the plate and quit whining. Love this post!

    God Bless.

  7. Years ago I heard Dr. James Dobson say that humans are the only species that finish with their childbearing years many years before their lifespan usually ends. He surmised that it is God's way of giving women our later years to do something extra for Him. I pray that I use these years wisely and resist that urge on some days to "retire!" Thanks for a great post!

  8. What a fabulous post, Kristi! SO glad you're with us at JoE! Needed this!

  9. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Ladies! I love that insight from Dr. Dobson, Elaine. Thanks for that!

  10. Fantastic post! I sure needed this today as I'm stumbling through my ms, editing and making changes! Retiring does cross my mind! I like that retiring instead of quitting.
    With His help I'll keep on keeping on! Hugs!

  11. Welcome, Kristi! So glad you're joining the team!!

    Some days I really want to retire... thanks for the encouragement to keep going. =]



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