Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Written by our newest member, Jan Ackerson...

Recently, my husband Ben had a routine medical procedure--of the sort that those of us who have passed the half-century mark must endure to insure continued good health. Hint: it rhymes with folonoscopy.

When he was getting his pre-op instructions, the very helpful nurse told us it was likely that Ben would experience a slight degree of amnesia afterward--that he would be capable of a perfectly normal-sounding conversation in recovery, but that later he would forget everything.

And that is precisely what happened.

He was in the recovery room for about half an hour, during which time we explored several topics of conversation: the fiber in his diet, the current economic crisis, Kim Kardashian’s outrageous wedding registry, and the Calvinist vs. Armenian schools of theological thought, among others. Ben was his usual charming and intelligent self.

Later, at home, Ben started talking about one of those topics again. Didn’t I think, he asked, that a thousand dollars for a pair of salad tongs was excessive?

Hmmmm, I thought. "Yes, Ben, you're right," I said, "and furthermore, we talked for 5 minutes about this in the hospital."

He was amazed, and when I reviewed the rest of that half hour with him, we discovered that it was indeed, all gone, gone, gone. What a strange feeling.

Spiritual application #1: God's perfect amnesia
In Jeremiah 31:34, God says "...For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more." He doesn't just forgive, He forgets, too. And being God and all, He does a good job of forgetting. My sins are gone, gone, gone. Why do I constantly review them with Him?

Spiritual application #2: My imperfect amnesia
I am capable of leading a perfectly normal life--of being my usual charming and intelligent self--all the while forgetting about grace. Forgetting about grace. Grace, which should be remembered with every breath, with every beat of my heart, in every cell of my body.

Dear God, poke me with Your holy finger more often.


  1. Been there, done that with the test. Bleh. Don't know about the amnesia part tho, as I was alone and a neighbor dropped me off at home.

    Great analogy-glad God forgets our sin!

  2. What a perfect analogy of how God's wipes the slate clean and then forgets about our sins.

    "Grace, which should be remembered with every breath, with every beat of my heart, in every cell of my body." I forget all too often about grace. Thanks you for this reminder. It's something I really need to work on.

    Welcome to the JoE team, Jan! Love having you here!

  3. Whatan interesting array of discussion topics. I just wondered if you agreed on all of them. The analogy was perfect. I'm glad for God's intentional amnesia.
    So glad you joined the JoE Team, Jan.

  4. It's so totally amazing that God forgets like that. And yeah, that I turn around and forget about His grace. Ouch.

    So glad to have you join us, Jan. =]

  5. Welcome, Jan!
    God's grace is amazing to me, and I'm happy, happy, happy!! He has amnesia where my past is concerned!!

  6. First of all, I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in THAT recovery room. The charm and intelligence would have been like sugar to my insect taste buds (ewwww, that was gross).

    Secondly, excellent spiritual applications - both of them. Loved this line in particular - "My sins are gone, gone, gone. Why do I constantly review them with Him?" We all have to keep our eyes open for more holy finger poking, eh?

  7. The concept of God completely forgetting my sin is as incomprehensible as eternity, but I'm so glad He does.
    I pray that He will continue to remind me of His love and grace.

    Thanks, Jan, and welcome to the group.

  8. Super analogy, Jan - and SO thrilled to have you here at JoE. Thanks.

  9. I love that Armenian doctrine and Armenians themselves were on the forefront of Ben's mind!

  10. Welcome, Jan, and thanks for the picture of God's amnesia. So thankful for that! See you soon :)

  11. Wow--you had a wonderful conversation when Ben was, unknowingly, an amnesiac. I wonder if that would work with Arlen? Um...wait...he had that kind of amnesia once and all he talked about was swimming, swimming, swimming.

    I love this devo, Jan. Especially being reminded that God has amnesia about sins. How wonderful His grace is!



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