Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Day In the Kingdom

One day, in a faraway Kingdom, six sisters woke to find a note on their kitchen table. They noticed it came from their King. Since they loved their King, they were excited about the note.

The note was addressed to all of them. It said:
“Today you’re representing me.
In all you do; in all you see.
Just let my Love be your guide.
With each of you I will abide.”

The sisters discussed the card. Augusta thought it meant they must take the King’s Book into town and teach its Words to everyone. “After all,” thundered Augusta, “I’m sure He wants us to show the world what His Words mean. We must form a great institution of learning, and hold many seminars. That way, everyone can learn His Words.”

Rula shook her head. “Words aren’t the answer. We can study words until we’re blue in the face. But look how many people don’t live by those Words! Everyone in this land must be compelled to obey our King. I know He is forgiving, but there’s no excuse for disobedience. If the rest of you want to do this right, you’ll come with me!”

Joy disagreed with them. “Augusta, and Rula, you both have good ideas. But I think we should run through the streets telling everyone how joyful it is; to be one of the King’s subjects. I don’t need to know a lot of words or worry about what others are doing. I am just joyful I belong to the King.”

Penny pulled out a calculator. “Look, these plans are wonderful. But where will the funds come from? If the King wants us to represent him, we’ll need to know what supplies and funds are available. We can’t be expected to finance ourselves. I’m going to the treasurer and petition for enough funds for this operation.

Shya stared at the card with tears in her eyes. “I love the King. I’m honored He chose me. Those are great ideas. But are they the right ones? I just can’t think of anything wonderful enough to represent Him. If I try and fail, I’ll disappoint the King – and that would be devastating. I’ll wait until I’m sure I know the best way to carry out the King’s wishes. I can’t do this if I’m not absolutely sure.”

Christianne had been sitting quietly while the others spoke. When all five were finished, she smiled, stood and hugged each of them. “You must all do as you feel led,” Christianne told them. “I will do the same.”

Christianne started walking into the nearby town. Out of curiosity, the other five followed her. They looked on in astonishment as she stopped at each person she saw and smiled and hugged them. For some, she gave a few coins or some food from the bag she’d been carrying. For one, she gave her own coat. For some, it seemed she only stood and listened. She accepted nothing in return, except thanks.

The others didn’t know what to think of this.

“But she’s not teaching them anything,” protested Augusta.

“She’s not explaining what those people are doing wrong – and what to do right,” said Rula.

“Oh, it’s so wonderful!” gushed Joy. “I feel so joyful just watching her.”

Penny frowned. “She’s giving away everything she has - and she has no promise of compensation. She’ll need to submit vouchers for everything. And, how can it be that she keeps finding things to give?”

Shya wondered, “Is that what I should do? Oh, I just don’t know!”

Soon, the five concluded Christianne had lost her mind and stopped watching her. They bid each other farewell and went to do what each thought the card was telling them to do – although Shya still stood, fearfully clutching the card and waiting for the perfect idea.

In this Kingdom, the Throne Room is located in a place that allows the King to see all of his subjects. As the day ended, He thought of the sisters and how they had carried out His instructions. He knew and loved all of them; He understood why each had made her choice. He even understood Shya – though He was disappointed in her lack of action – and would have a gentle talk, with her. Tomorrow, He would shower His love and rewards on all the sisters.

But He was fashioning a special plaque for Christianne – one that spelled out: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” *

*Matthew 25:21, NIV


  1. Oh, I love this characterization. What a lesson in here for us. Thanks, Donna.

  2. Enjoyed every word of this--LOVED the message.

  3. I love allegories! This one will stay with me all day. I hope I can please my King in all I do and say. Thanks!

  4. Great parable, Donna...I'm so glad the Lord knows our hearts and motivations!

  5. Love it! Great story with a great message. Well done!

  6. Fantastic story! Powerful message!



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