Friday, September 23, 2011

Going to the Dogs for a Lesson

We’ve had three poodles that were part of the family in our home. Doodi came to us when he was about seven months old and promptly adopted my husband as “his” person. Doodi was generally well mannered, except when he chose to “mark” our dining room chairs as his special territory. Since he was so much a one-person dog, Leon would not believe that as soon as he left the house, Doodi would crawl into my lap and settle there, only turning once or twice to find the most comfortable spot. So one day Leon went out the side door and came around to look in the back French doors to see if that was really the case. Doodi looked up and saw him and slunk down from my lap. “Busted!”

Doodi only lived about seven years before he developed back trouble and died following surgery. We missed him so much, we decided to get another poodle right away, female this time, for the protection of our furniture. Missy then became the feisty “boss” of our house, and she chose me as “her” person. She was smart and could learn many tricks, but she snarled all the way through the training. She was excessively protective of both of us, but she did not want Leon to put his arms around me. (Of course, that was a preventative!)

Missy had an intense dislike of rabbits. She was really upset when a mama rabbit had her nest of bunnies inside the bushes right outside our living room window. All we had to say was “rabbits,” and Missy would go to the window and bark ferociously. Our vet had a name for her—Mad Missy because she tried to bite a man who put his head in the basket when we had brought her in with her new puppies.

Missy lived about ten years when she died from cancer. We were determined not to get another dog; that decision lasted all of two weeks. Our first two poodles had been apricot in color, but a little black poodle stole our hearts completely. Jennie loved us equally and was the essence of sweetness as long as she lived. All she wanted was to be near one of us at all times. She was also firmly convinced that anyone who came to our house had come to see her. When Jennie died, and we moved to a townhome, we decided we would not get another dog, just enjoy the memories of the little pets that had brought humor and joy to our home.

Thinking about the poodles that we have had and how much we loved each of them reminded me of how God loves each one of us, no matter our personalities. After all, He made us—in His own image, no less.
“So God Created man in his own image,. . .” 
(Genesis 1:27a / ESV).

He knew all about us, even before we were born, for He created us in our mothers’ wombs.
“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb” 
(Psalm 139:13 / ESV).

In Galations 4:22-23, we find a list of personality attributes that are fruits of God’s Spirit within us:
"love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."
I don’t have any of these perfected yet, but God forgives my failures and gives me the desire to please Him more each day.

May you take joy in knowing that God made you, personality and all, and He loves you, just as you are.


  1. Verna, I love your poodle post!
    I had a couple of mini-poodles.
    Instead of rabbits, their thing was
    squirrels. Thanks for this jaunt
    down memory lane.


  2. What a lovely analogy, Verna! Thanks for the picture of God's love!

  3. What a cute dog! love the verses:)thanks you for commenting and encouraging me on my blog. I love to get new readers!

  4. Such fun - and what a great reminder, dear Verna. We're all different - but God loves us regardless.

  5. Shows how creative
    God is and how much He loves each one of us with our quirks and temperaments!
    Love you, Vernie!

  6. This touched my heart! We lost our poodle of 18 years this past summer, but we have so many memories of the caliber you speak about here. I'm so thankful that God loves each of us, wacky personality traits and all! I'm sure that my Skittles and your Doodi, Missy, and Jennie are keeping things straight in heaven! :)

  7. Ican so relate to your sweet relationship with your poodles (ours are Shih Tzus). They remind us that unconditional love is attainable and part of God's plan. Thanks, Verna.



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