Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Do Not Fear

Join me welcoming today's guest, Jennifer Hallmark.

—So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
~Isaiah 41:10 NIV

Have you ever had a day when life dumped everything on you and left you floundering? That day erupted on a Saturday in the spring. A refreshing time of devotion spent with God opened my morning. I didn’t have to work, so I planned a restful day to shop and visit my grandmother. Ten minutes later, life interrupted my devotional reading.

I pressed on, but a car breakdown and my grandmother injured in a fall before I arrived were only a taste of the many unpleasant events of that day. Any one event would upset me, but all in one day? The next day my worry and stress continued as I drove toward my house from work. As I turned in my driveway, I stared at the roof. Twenty or thirty birds perched along the eves and alcoves.

“God, that’s how I feel my life, is. Trouble keeps landing on me like birds, one after the other. I’m overwhelmed.”

My spirit stirred. Even if your roof was covered in its entirety with birds, so many you couldn’t see one square inch of it, it wouldn’t fall. The house has a strong foundation and it’s well built.

At that moment, peace enveloped me and I knew God had spoken to my heart. He had built a strong foundation in my life. I wouldn’t fall, for He also upheld me with His righteous right hand. The car had been repaired and my grandmother recovered from her fall. God’s hand held me tight and will continue, no matter what life brings.

Father God, when life overwhelms me, help me to see Your hand upholding me through it all.


Jennifer Hallmark is an author and women’s ministry consultant. She has a website, and blog, Her first novel, Journey of Grace: A New Beginning is currently searching for a good home. Jennifer resides with husband Danny in Alabama and loves her family, dog Max and coffee shops, in no particular order. You can find her online at and


  1. "I will strengthen you and help you." Love this promise you cited. Feeling burdened at 4am and decided to visit a few blogs, no accident I came to yours. Thank you for the encouraging words. I love how God works through sisters I have never met. Be blessed today, Susan

  2. Beautiful devotional - AND promise. Thank you for sharing, AND guesting here at JoE!

  3. Thank you for guesting today. And thank you for such an encouraging message. I feel like the house about to fall in, but you've helped me see the the truth and put it all in perspective.

  4. God's assurance is all around us. You show how a spirit sensitive to His presence can see Him working in our lives. Thanks for sharing with us at JoE!

  5. I appreciate ya'll allowing me to post on such an encouraging site. We are truly blessed to be able to comfort each other as God has comforted us...



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