Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Our world teems with controversy, conflicts and chaos. I don't know about you, but my spirit drains and darkens after a few minutes of watching the world news.

Riots in Greece. War and conflict in the Middle East. A fatal shooting in a Florida suburb. A nine-year-old girl abducted, assaulted and killed in a town not far from my home. Obamacare debates. Economic crisis. Poverty. Natural disasters. Need I go on?

It's the result of sin, right? An automatic given in our fallen state.

So how does God feel about all of this? And how are we to respond?

How does that can of worms smell, now that it's been opened?)

God, Not Man

I'm not here to debate theology, or discuss politics. I don't want to rehash Facebook posts or the latest blogs covering one side or the other of recent controversies. I understand that we all have hot issues, and that comparing them leads to greater misunderstandings and relational distance.

I'm only wondering about your heart. And I'm closely examining mine.

"People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
1 Samuel 16:7b

There's no doubt that God responds to suffering, in both corporate and individual ways. His grace allows people to weather storms. His power parts the Red Seas of our world and sets captives free.

He's active. Today. In your life, and in our nations.

Some of us may be called, as Moses was, to speak out and lead. To fight injustices and influence society and culture for the Lord. Others may be serving in quiet ways, as countless anonymous Christians did in the first century church, involved in unsung ministries and evangelizing. Many do both throughout their lives and in various ways.

The common thread is a heart for God, a character that accurately reflects the Saviour. This may not be evident from outward appearances, but shines brightly in the heart (think about those who do not get engaged in heated debates or lead the troops, but fervently pray on the sidelines).

It's difficult to know exactly how we are to respond to events in the world around us. Sometimes my response depends on mood, or the way a certain issue affects my daily life. But I'm thinking that my interactions with people - online and in person, debating issues or standing in line at the grocery store - should always spout from a heart for God.

And that heart comes from building a meaningful, committed relationship with Him, day by day.

What do you think that God values more - actions or attitudes?

How do you respond to world events? And at what point does the heart of God factor into that response?

In a Pondering Mood,

thanks for the pic! sxc/shiningsun


  1. Got me pondering too, miss Di.Attitudes are the heart of the matter. I'm not much of an arguer, but sometimes that's a fault. Thanks, sweets.

  2. I gave up watching the news and reading the paper because it depressed me too much! I'm sure ignoring the problems aren't what God wants either, huh? Sometimes my hot button will get pressed and I'll answer back one of those inflammatory posts on Facebook, but I've learned it doesn't help much. If my God is being defamed, I'll speak up but NOT argue (very much.) Convincing someone of His Truth isn't my job, it's HIS, but making sure they are aware of it IS my job. Great post, Di - lots to ponder for sure.



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