Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daddy Will Help

Today we welcome Kari Wells as our guest...

In our house, we must set up our kitchen table for each meal and take it back down afterward. It’s on wheels and assembles easily enough, but it’s big and heavy and can be a chore. It seems like a lot of work, but it is always worth eating together as a family.

Last night, while I was making dinner, my daughter (just turned three-years-old) blissfully offers to unfold and set up the table for me. I tell her that would be wonderful, and she sets about to do it, “All by myself!” After a few minutes of struggling with it, not even able to move it from where it’s stored, she comes into the kitchen, slump-shouldered, and admits defeat. “I’m not strong!” she tells me. I smile and tell her to ask Daddy for help. Her face lights up. She runs in and asks her Daddy if he’ll help her. Once he tells her yes, she comes running back into the kitchen and says, “Daddy will help! Now I’m strong!”

Daddy will help. Now I’m strong...

It is wonderful and satisfying like nothing else when God reveals His character through a child. My daughter’s complete faith and simple understanding of her Daddy’s role in her life is, in my eyes, the ultimate example of how God would have us be with Him.

Our Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden.” And it is written, “In our weakness, we are strong,” because God is strong. He uses those things that seem foolish, like a three-year-old trying to move and assemble a heavy piece of furniture by herself, to reveal Himself as the strong, loving Father that He is.

It’s okay to admit, “I’m not strong!” Once we do, God can then work in us and make us strong through His awesome power and love. And it brings peace, the knowledge that we don’t have to be strong or even capable in and of ourselves.

Daddy will help. Now you’re strong.

Kari Wells...
I am married to a wonderful man, Bryon, and a homemaker with two children. My son, Benjamin, is seven. My daughter, Michelle, is three. I am a pre-published writer of Speculative Fiction, but have been working lately on a children’s story. Over the past year or so, I have been inspired to capture some of the things God has revealed to my heart through my life as a wife, mom, and Christian woman, what I have come to call as my Little Inspired Moments.


  1. I love the wisdom in letting your little one make her own discovery with a table that was beyond her small frame. And what a wonderful lesson she learned in the process. Thanks for sharing with us today. God Bless.

  2. Your devotion with the great analogy spoke to my heart.



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