Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

These days we hear a lot about self-esteem and being true to ourselves. As a teenage girl (and well into my 20’s and 30’s, I’ll admit) I battled with self-image, keeping it real and avoiding the urge to please people at all costs.

Now, as a woman who’s heard all of the hype and hoopla, tried most of the fads and read many of the books, I wonder about how it all sits with my Saviour. How does He feel about the “real me” and how does He want me to interact with my neighbours while nurturing and honouring His creation? Or is this all a bunch of garbage we’ve cooked up to shove His grace out of the picture and do the fixing on our own?

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 
Psalms 139:14 

A Healthy Self Image

When I’m feeling crummy about myself it helps to step into my children’s shoes, to see me as they do. (On a normal day of course, not one of those pull-my-hair-out-triple-espresso-go-to-your-room-and-don’t-come-out-till-your-father-gets-home days, not that I have those.)

They don’t see my saggy body; they see a comfy lap to cuddle in.

They don’t think of my exhausted and frazzled brain; they relish the opportunity to have grilled cheese and soup for dinner, again.

They don’t wish I had more authority at the office or more money in the bank or better clothes in my closet; they just want to hang out, read stories and play board games together, in our PJs if the mood strikes.

How Does God See You?

It’s similar to stepping into God’s line of vision. How does He see us? Can we recognize the beauty and amazing creation in each of us, warts and all? Are we able to see our value in God’s eyes, our unique position and relationship?

I’m not suggesting that God doesn’t know my faults, weaknesses and frailties. He knows them more than any other. And He’s hurt when I succumb to those things, especially when it is detrimental to His kingdom.

What I am suggesting is that those things don’t matter with Jesus in the mix. With His intercession I am not only clean in the Father’s eyes, but a chickadee He wants to spend time with, to use for His work, to teach and guide - in our PJs if the mood strikes.

I could focus on those things that destroy my confidence, drown my joy and darken my mood. I could beat down my self-image until it’s unrecognizable, ugly and of little use to His kingdom.

Or I could ask Him for a glimpse of His vision, a word of His love for me. I could put aside pride and false humility, grasping the coat tails of His grace and allowing myself to be seen for who I really am – an absolutely imperfect sinner, loved by an infinitely perfect God and part of His incredible family for eternity.

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  1. Oooh - love this perspective, Di! This is a keeper for sure.

  2. Di, I love the challenge and inspiration and the humor in your jewel here!

  3. Di, you have ministered to my exact need today. Thank you!!!!!!

  4. Powerful devotional! One to be taken to heart!



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