Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attracted to the Light

Recently I had a house sitting job. The house has lots of windows. One evening there was the threat of thunderstorms. I found two non working flashlights. I decided to pop home to get my working flashlight. If the power went out, and I needed to flip a fuse switch, I had to be able to see it.

The next morning when I opened the front door, I noticed two large green lunar moths which had been attracted to the lamp, amidst the darkness. There were also numerous smaller moths and June bugs in the vicinity of the light.

Inside, shimmering sunlight danced upon the shiny wood floor. A large potted plant reached its leaves for life-giving light at the window. Even the woman who lives in the house creates beautiful lamps for other people.

Is the Lord shining through me today?

"For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light." Ephesians 5:8



  1. Great reminder, Sunny. Praying I am that light.

  2. What a reminder, Sunny. Thank you!!


  3. I love this perfect reminder to that light for the world to see!! Hugs!

  4. That is the most beautiful bug I have ever seen! Wow! We've been studying the book of Revelation in Sunday School. Here's a thought that will blow your mind. As bright as it is already (being that there's no darkness and everything is powered by GOD) it's going to get even brighter when we're called home to be with him. Can you even imagine the brightness? Crazy!

  5. Shine on, ladies!


  6. I love this, Sunny, I pray every day to be HIS LIGHT to the world.

  7. I want my life to shine for Him.



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